About us :

St.Mark Educational Institution was established in the year 2008 in Anantapur with a noble objective of promoting technical education in the backward region of Anantapur dist. Its objective is to produce highly innovative, motivated global leaders in the field of engineering education. The College has a beautiful green campus covering an area of nearly 20 acres on the outskirts of Anantapur.

St.Mark Educational Institution opens up the doors of young minds who dare to dream. It encourages the spirit of free enquiry and imagination. Here dreams take Shape. The Institute tries to indicate the sense of human values and discipline to make students respectful towards human being,realise and demonstrate their best potential and be a winner in life. The Institute is affiliated to JNTU B.Tech, MBA courses are under AICTE, Govt. of INDIA.

Our Vision :

St.mark group of institution will emerge as a leading institution that creates and disseminates knowledge. We uphold the highest standards for instruction in Engineering Technology & Management Studies.Along with academic excellence, our curriculum emphasize integrity and cultural sensitivity so that our graduates may be Serve the nation and the World and as we look to the future, we know that we will continue what we do best, enlightening their lives.

Our Mission :

Create a diverse campus community that inspires freedom and innovation.
Strengthen educational processes.
Continue to build international alliances.
Expand development opportunities available to students and faculty.
Cultivate exciting and rigorous research environments.

Our Core Value :

St.mark group of institution is guided by the following core values in delivering its mission and pursuing its vision : We believe, as a land-grant university, in educating people with the necessary skills to advance the engineering “state of the art.” Imparting knowledge to students at all levels including undergraduate, graduate, and lifelong learning is implicit in this core value. We believe in the discovery of new knowledge through innovative research that encourages entrepreneurship and economic development to benefit our global society. We believe in inclusiveness and collaboration on a worldwide basis. We both teach and follow ethical, environmentally responsible engineering practice

Our Goals :

• Recognition of the Institute at National Level.
• Strengthening R& D activities by starting M.Tech Programs.
• Getting accreditation of all the programs.
• To obtain Deemed University Status by 2015.
• Imparting complete Technical Education starting from LKG to PG.